The work of Marco Facchinetti and Marco Dellavalle develops in the complex scenario of Italian territorial planning, in which, acting with great dynamism, they have proposed plans and incisive projects built around the two key concepts of design and feasibility.
Their projects show how planning is able, through the use of design and correct, effective procedures of implementation, to affect local realities by constructing evolutionary scenarios in which progress ensures virtuous productions, new episodes of urban quality in often fragmented areas and new ways of making the most of what already exists. So that planning can always be synonymous with evolution for the contexts to which it is applied.


Marco Facchinetti is an architect and assistant professor of urban planning at Polytechnic of Milano, Department of Architecture and Planning and visiting professor at State University of New York at Albany. During his studies he has been involved in national and international researches programs, publishing of books and articles and workshops. He is actively involved in many important process of planning for urban regeneration and urban development projects, providing a new way to see urban transformations, as occasions to redevelop parts of cities, investing in urban form and in the quality of urban spaces.


Marco Dellavalle is an urban planner with a specific attitude for development and urban transformations. He took his degree at Polytechnic of Milan, with a thesis published some months later. As one of the most influential young planners in Italy, he works as a city manager for many municipalities in the area of Milano. Marco is managing urban development and living standards and helping to coordinate public expenses for these cities, as well as to solicitate private investments according to the growth perspectives that he plans together with the municipalities.

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