Project Description

Due to the location of the new shopping mall of Cornaredo directly on a provincial highway, the plan for the area was used to coordinate provisions at both municipal and provincial level. The instrument leading to construction designed the greens areas, the new road system and the supplementary works, such as the new nursery school envisaged as a qualitative standard. The shopping mall is a compact rectangular block of 400 x 262 ft with façades 32 ft in height. It was decided to locate it at the back of the site, allowing for the creation of a green buffer strip of about 64 ft along Via Milano (SS 11) and a tree-lined free space for parking paved with Erbablock. A deep ring of planted green space all the way around the perimeter of the site creates a natural environmental barrier that connects with the adjacent sites and existing buildings as well as those planned for construction.

The ground floor presents a gallery with overhead lighting, with a hypermarket and twelve shops opening off it, for a total length of 290 ft. Great importance was attached to natural lighting, with skylights installed in the gallery and the stores, as conducive to human well-being and significant savings on energy. The architectural vocabulary adopted for the interior and exterior of the building ischaracterized by innovation and tradition: innovation with the use of modern materials and technologies such as ventilated façades, insulated windows, the point-fixed glass system and aluminium cladding; tradition with the use of facing slabs of marble, a natural material with historical connotations used in two colours, yellow ochre and red earth, which combine with the expanses of glass and metal to create an innovative chromatic equilibrium.
Vertical panels with a finish of crushed marble similar in colour to the stone facing are used for the less significant parts at the back of the building. The gallery is paved inside with marble and decorated with geometric patterns using the Botticino, Verona Red and Alpine Green types of marble. The high glass wall of the gallery, facing south onto the road, is protected by a portico that regulates the incidence of sunlight during the day. In the evening during winter it is perceived as a glowing transparent window and acts, together with the entrance towers, as a visible sign on the threshold of the town of Cornaredo.

Project by FDA International – Professional Firm