Project Description

The aim of the project for Trezzo sull’Adda was to provide a centre and space fo numerous companies interested in establishing themselves on the municipal territory so as to take advantage of its particular location, not least in the wake of the enlargement and improvement of the motorway. Recourse to the tool of a bureau of productive activities was required in order to coordinate the numerous parties involved and define the presence on a broader territory of a major opportunity for economic development and employment in a particular context where a considerable environmental heritage has survived the pressure of past and recent urbanization. Recourse to a strategic instrument capable of establishing direct relations with all the actors involved was also indispensable in order to make the transformation compatible with the Territorial Management Plan then being drawn up.

By means of a mechanism of visualization and anticipation through the use of master plans, the two projects were thus constructed and combined – both in their conception and in the compensatory systems they set in motion – with the management policies of the municipality and the bodies involved. For the area around the new motorway Tollgate, the project sought a rational distribution of the constructions envisaged in a small space with many constraints with a view to safeguarding the envisaged agricultural park of supra-local interest and the archaeological site discovered in a neighbouring area.

The master plan envisaged a broad environmental buffer strip and a distributional layout so as to attenuate the visual impact of the new buildings on the agricultural surroundings. The system of constructions envisaged revolves around different types of functions and uses other than those offered by the context. In point of fact, the project constitutes an important opportunity for redevelopment also in functional terms of the then primarily residential area of Via Cavour, defining its sphere as an episode of mostly urban character in which some productive functions are concentrated, including a high-quality production centre and a service centre for haulage firms parallel to the acquisition of areas for the park.As in the area of the furnace, commercial and logistic activities were excluded. Attention to environmental issues develops in two directions: on the one hand, through the definition of a high standard of green areas (a buffer zone of 18,000 yd2 and 30,000 yd2 of agricultural land, serving as an initial nucleus for the creation of the agricultural park); on the other, through reduction of the parking lots so as to create a broad strip of greenery encircling the area.

The complex of buildings is given a markedly urban character precisely in order to highlight the potential of the area, located near the tollgate, in relation to the territory as a whole. As a new centrality, it has a strong presence of public areas and areas of public use, both constructed and open, and the composition of an innovative functional mix combines functions of a more markedly urban nature with functions of a territorial kind, thus experimenting precisely with one of the territorially distributed urban nodes provided for by the project. The permission for structures additional to those already built in the historical sphere of the Adda furnace was prompted by the need to request in return for landscaping of the quarry to the rear, ecological restoration of the area, and the transfer of a large restored agricultural area to enhance the compactness and size of the green heart of Trezzo sull’Adda.
The master plan thus experimented with mechanisms of compensatory transfer, obliging concerns to transfer substantial areas of land in return for building along the provincial highway. Wide green strips and large buffer zones avoid the typical “shop-window” effects of construction along the roads in the past. Here too, efforts are made above all to identify a functional mix capable of enhancing the area’s vocation in both localand territorial terms.

Project by FDA International – Professional Firm