Novara – Adaptation and updating of the Provincial Territorial Plan

Architects: Marco  Dellavalle, Lorenzo Bartoletti

Category: Urban Planning

Date: 2011-2012

City: Novara

Client: Provincia di Novara

Tags: Urban Planning, province,  coordination, map

Urban Planning

The project for area AT 22 regards the definition of the rules for a zone included in the territorial management plan of Verano Brianza. A productive area that over the years has been occupied by small businesses and buildings, thus causing severe fragmentation of the settlement system. The presence of some vacant plots of building land prompted the territorial management plan to redefine the area as a whole through the approach of transferring building rights from one area to another, so as to concentrate construction in some places and free others. Above all, it makes it possible to draw up a single set of rules for transformation and guide the individual operations within a single project, step by step with the progress of construction.

Design simulations were used to examine the modes of implementation for the area, monitoring the schedules and also deciding which works and which burdens for the municipality are to be guaranteed as well as their quantity and the plans and procedures to be adopted. Implementation is thus related to the ability of the parties concerning the importance to acting in accordance with a coordinated design of public character, but strongly linked to the real and effective possibilities of private concerns to put its content into effect.

Due to the complexity of the site and the very ordinary character of the context, the overall design has no particular compositional merits. The aim is to guide the involved parties over time, persuading them to comply with urban-planning and morphological rules that are new for the context.