Rozzano (MI) – Esselunga commercial building

Architects: Marco Facchinetti, Luca De Stefani

Category: Architecture

Date: 2008

City: Rozzano (MI) | via Manzoni – via Brodolini

Tags: Building, Commercial, Mitigation, class A energy, Architecture


The plot is located on a north-south axis within the city of Rozzano. Taking advantage of the location and the plot shape, the project envisages a building with two particular elements: a sharp and prominent edge, visible from a distance, serving as a landmark for the crossroads and establishing dialogue with the territory; and a broad, gentle curved side that follows the sinuous course of Via Manzoni, emphasizing the presence of Pizzabrasca stream and of a small and ancient bridge.

Due to its southwest expositision, the long west side on via Manzoni, in addition to bending in accordance with the former course of the road, is thus hollowed out and given a double skin through a double arch. The façade opens up to increase its volume and thickness to such an extent that the windows are inserted into this thickness, not directly flush with the façade, and face north rather than west. This expedient make up a particular façade of great impact and visual significance, emphasized by a continous vertical cadence of the windows. The other façades are more subdued and smooth in character, in favor of environmental minimization on north and east side.

To increase territorial and building revaluation, the parking spaces are concealed in two underground storeys, constructed on a foundation slab about 1.6 m in thickness to counter the considerable thrust of the water table; therefore, the building reaches the class A energy through the use of particular devices to insulate the façades and the installation of photovoltaic solar panels on the roof, as well as systems to harness geothermal energy.

This complex building performs the various roles derived from its location and genesis, and expresses them through the dynamic handling of volume and the composition of the façades.