Architects: Marco Facchinetti, Marco Dellavalle, Studio Spagna Architects

Category: Urban planning

Date: 2017

City: Ispra (VA)

Client: Municipality of Ispra

Tags: Urban Planning

Urban Planning

The strategic documentation for Ispra comes from the definition of the transformation project for the area PII ex Shirt Factory, the historical location of renowned Leva Shirt Factory, founded in 1935. Once the activities were abandoned, upon decision of the ownership in the ‘80s, the dismantling of the entire area caused a general reconsideration of the organizational and functional system of the municipal territory of Ispra: the area is, in fact, located in a strategical intersection within the municipality in terms of mobility and functionality.

The entire area, and the existing building of industrial archeology, represent, in terms of regeneration and reuse of the urban territory, an opportunity for Ispra to create new functions and a new economy, by taking advantage of an area of such relevance, which is due to its social and historical value (the ex shirt factory Leva used to employ numerous citizens from Ispra and nearby municipalities); the opportunity was taken with the realization of a complex project, through an Integrated Program of Intervention.

The strategy identifies three major territorial axis, which develop along the entire municipal territory: supporting element of the identified backbones is the cycle-pedestrian path, with three main routes and a series of internal paths which allow for widespread connection of the territory.