Architects: Marco Facchinetti, Marco Dellavalle

Category: Urban planning

Date: 2020

City: Lainate (MI)

Client: Kryalos SGR S.P.A. – Fondo Mazer

Tags: Urban Planning, Due Diligence

Urban Planning

The present Due Diligence aimed at verifying the city planning, construction and environmental feasibility of an area within the municipality of Lainate, for the realization of a building with logistical destination. The document examines city planning regulations pertaining to the area object of intervention, with analysis that involved the General Strategic Plan and the supra-municipal planning tools; there are, furthermore, in-depth studies of the tables and content of the Agreed Development Plan previously approved, in order to verify its compliance with city planning, architectural and environmental characteristics of the project. The study of the restrictions pertaining to the areas highlights landscape limitations in regards to a protected watercourse and to the presence of a Local Park of Supra-municipal Interest (PLIS), which rests on half of the interested area. In accordance with such limitations and the environmental characteristics of the area, two proposals with logistical destinations are developed and presented. The compliance of such proposals is verified in terms of city planning work and fees, the connection with underground services, and the developmental costs.