Architects: Marco Facchinetti, Marco Dellavalle, Lorenzo Bartoletti

Category: Urban planning

Date: 2020

City: Melzo (MI)

Client: Municipality of Melzo

Tags: Urban Planning, Cemetery plan

Urban Planning

The Municipal Cemetery Plan (PCC) is a tool with which municipal administrations manage and plan the activities of the cemetery in order to respond to burial necessities of their population and of those who have the pertaining rights, in the time span of the following twenty years from the approval of the plans.

For Melzo, a demographic analysis and the study of the average mortality trend of the past ten years were carried out, in order to estimate the average deaths which will take place for the duration of the plan and thus manage the spaces in accordance with the collected data. In relation to the historical mortality within the municipality, the different types of burial must be taken into consideration as well, with the relative different needs. The data shows that it isn’t necessary to expand the existing cemetery, and the project provides therefore a rationalization of the internal spaces, through:

  1. a survey of existing equipment and their reorganization;
  2. the identification of architural barriers for a possible reduction and elimination;
  3. the identification of paths for the access of vehicles and equipment necessary for the management and maintenance of the cemetery;

4. the preparation of water and sanitary systems, also for the “Giardino del Ricordo.”