Architects: Marco Facchinetti, Marco Dellavalle

Category: Urban planning

Date: 2017

City: Cagliari (CA)

Client: Ticca

Tags: Urban Planning, building

Urban Planning

The project involves the renovation of a villa from the ‘30s, in state of neglect, and its outbuildings, located on the promenade of the beach of Poetto, in Cagliari.

After a study of the area, two proposals of intervention were presented (A and B) with the goal of converting the villa in an accommodation facility. The two proposals, which share similar architectural principles, differ in height volumetric development: proposal A provides an operation of demolition and reconstruction, while proposal B involves the addition of an upward extension. The project is thus defined in an architecture which takes into consideration the landscape and visual relations of the area: on the ground floor we find public functions of catering and food service, with technical offices and functions while keeping permeability between the building, the street and the garden; and at the upper floors, in a more private context, we can find the accommodation spaces and a panoramic solarium terrace with integrated lounge area, bar and swimming pool.