Curno (BG) – Residential villas within urban fabric

Architects: Marco Dellavalle, Lorenzo Bartoletti

Category: Architecture

Date: 2018 – in corso

City: Curno (BG)

Tags: Building, residential, openness


The project for new residential buildings in Curno has to take into account the mixture of rural and industrial aspects characterizing Bergamo area and the presence of nearby built up fabric.

Even if the admitted volume allowed to realized 8 single-family units, in order to open up view and green spaces the project proposes 4 semi-detached villas with parking spaces concealed in one underground storey.

These expedients turn the ground floor into the beating heart of the residential unit, provided with large garden with pool and all the principal daily residential activities organized within airy open space. The first floor accommodates bedrooms and utility rooms; it do not foresee people presence, thus the height is lower than 2.40 mt. The flat roof holds integrated photovoltaic panels to power internal heat pumps.

The architectural language of the buildings is simple and characterized by horizontal bands of roofs and terraces, creating a one-line frame on the façades, interrupted sometimes to enhance the double height internal composition.

Different materials and chromatic tonings articulate the volumetric architectural configuration, being able to integrate the opening voids and to confer unity to the overall composition.