Puglia (Italy) – Territorial Landscape Plan of Puglia

Architects: Marco Dellavalle, Lorenzo Bartoletti

Category: Urban planning

Date: 2009-2010

Region: Puglia (Italy)

Client: Regione Puglia

Tags: Urban planning, landscape, infrastructure, guidelines

Urban planning

The drawn up guidelines constitute a manual of operations to improve the landscaping and environmental quality of infrastructures in the Puglia region, in connection with the drafting of its territorial landscape plan (PTR). The purpose of the guidelines is to give the PTR a guiding role for the tools of implementation hierarchically subordinate to it: the risk of supra-ordinate instruments is failure to make sufficient impact on the territory and thus be disregarded in small-scale everyday operations.  For this reason, and in order to draw attention to the instrument produced, the plan provides a wealth of instructions, suggestions for planning, schemes, guidelines, designs and solutions for local contexts to use directly in the construction of territorial elements.

The project thus envisages two systems of reading. The first, Infrastructural Typologies, regards the identification of ten infrastructural categories capable of interpreting the historical, cultural, morphological and environmental characteristics of the contexts involved. The second, Territorial Morphologies, regards recurrent and recognizable systems of networks, settlements and environments characterizing the various parts of the landscape of the Puglia region.

The offered toolkit makes it possible to provide an active instrument of support for territorial planning decisions and practices, capable of enhancing the landscape and rethinking the connective role of infrastructures in territorial systems.