Trecate(MI) – Bureau of Logistic Activities

Architects: Marco Facchinetti, Luca De Stefani, Lorenzo Bartoletti

Category: Architecture

Date: 2018 – Ongoing

City: Trecate(MI)

Tags: Building, Logistic, Urban design, Innovation


The aim of the project for Trecate is to endow a centre for logistics activities with all the facilities and accommodations required for an innovative and integrative distribution hub. The area is located on a strategical local, national and international corridor, the A4 Highway Torino-Trieste, the main east-west axis in the north of Italy and one of the European Transit Corridor.

The project envisages two main logistic building warehouse with ancillary offices and additional services annexed, framed within a designed outdoor area and characterized by an high degree of complexity. The project embraces efficiency and sustainability following the Municipal and Provincial Plan, LEED Certification, WELL Certification for the offices and FM Global Standard and Certification; it renovates both construction techniques and project conception itself through macro and micro innovation expedients. Geothermal energy, particular devices for the recycling of water, accurate treatment of green spaces, advanced energy supply system and operator transportation system, indoor environmental quality.

Being aware of the landscape engendered by a logistic area, the purpose of the project is to mitigate and integrate buildings and infrastructures within the natural environment in a keen and sharp way, through modern techniques and high level of innovation.