Architects: Marco Facchinetti, Marco Dellavalle, Lorenzo Bartoletti

Category: Urban planning

Date: 2020

City: Turate (CO)

Client: Municipality of Turate

Tags: Urban Planning, PGT

Urban Planning

The first goal of the PGT’s Variation of the Municipality of Turate is the construction of a territory which, by recognizing the social, economic and demographic changes which are underway, idenfies itself in an organized society able to make Turate more and more welcoming, accessible and competitive. Thus comes the need for a structured plan, easy in its form and at the same time careful and complex in its content, a plan that is focused on specific actions for the different parts that compose the urban fabric: an Operative Vision for the town of Turate.

General strategies adopted by the plan are 4 – INNOVATE, REFORM, STABILIZE, REPAIR – with each containing 4 on their own. The action to INNOVATE – A glance to the future – is implemented in the creation of an Operative Plan for the productive section nearby highway A9, in order to transform it into a strategic and innovative division, able to respond to new productive needs in integrated and cutting-edge ways. The action to REFORM – A glance to the Modern – identifies new solutions for the redevelopment of the historical characteristics of Turate, in order to return the town to a role of a center which is alive and which presents its own identity heritage. The action to STABILIZE – A glance to the present – aims at stabilizing the residential fabric of the territory, in order to continue the policy of zero land consumption. Finally, REPAIR – A vision of the entirety – involves the idea of sewing, in sustainable ways, the urban fabrics together, through a new cylco-pedestrian network and other actions, aiming at the improvement of the quality of life.