Architects: Marco Facchinetti, Luca De Stefani, Lorenzo Bartoletti

Category: Urban planning

Date: 2018

City: Valsamoggia (BO)

Client: Gazeley

Tags: Urban Planning, Due Diligence, Logistic

Urban Planning

The present Due Diligence is a technical study which verifies the possibility to install a logistical settlement within an area of the Municipality of Valsamoggia. The document presents detailed themes pertaining to the city planning regulation within the area object of the study, with analysis that involved the General Strategic Plan and supra-municipal city planning tools as PTCP, PUMS, PGTU. In-depth analysis involved restrictions (with particular attention to hydro-geological risks) as well as the documentation of the adopted Implementation Plan, in order to verify its compliance with the regulations to which it is subject. A verification of all environmental themes which involve the area at issue is presented, too, through detailed studies in regards to geological, geomorphological, seismic and chemical issues, with considerations that are supported by on-site analysis.

The relation includes two proposals of logistical interest in the area, which are verified, under all points of view, by the preliminary analysis carried out on city planning tools.